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Monday, 21 July 2014

Makeup Revolution HAUL!

Hello dolls! - Makeup Revolution is a fresh brand on the beauty market. If you haven't heard of them, please come out from under that rock ;) LOL! They offer a wide range of products from lipsticks to pigments, from highlighters to foundation. I have previously tested a handful of their products which can be read HERE.
I made a split purchase, where I purchased these products from Superdrug as I had some Superdrug points to spend. And the other order was placed online with makeup revolution. A blog post will be soon to follow once they arrive :)
Read below for my full review, swatches and concluding thoughts at the end!

Starting with packaging, they are similar to MUA's lipsticks with the additional colour at the end. However, with these badboys, they unfortunately don't detach. They are very sleek and sophisticated with the gold logo and individual names. Now for the product. I am in LOVE! The formula is rich and creamy and insanely pigmented. They are also evidently glossy. When It came to wiping the product off, it took a good scrub indicating that they are potentially long lasting?? My favourite would be enchant as I am a sucker for a baby pink, but other than that I think depraved is very special!
Each lipstick cost £1.00 with 3.8g of product.

I have previously used the highlighter called golden lights and it's the best highlighter on the market. hands down! I decided to try peach lights to mix things up. It's a beautiful baby pink colour, and stays on all day!! It's super long wearing. I would say its not as pigmented as golden lights, but when I try it with a brush it may be different. But this is so truly beautiful. It will last a very long time!
This highlighter was very cheap at £3.00 with 7.5g of product.

Firstly, I accidently dropped the ACID! eyeshadow and it cracked slightly. I was so sad :( but this was no fault of makeup revolutions whatsoever. I thought i would point that out :) I was truly shocked at the large surface area of these products, you get sooo much it will last you forever. I love the packaging, again similar to MUA's blushes. It's so hard to pick a favourite out of these beauties. I think my favourite would be JUST ME. You cannot see how pretty this colour is. It's gold, purple and pink at the same time.
These eyeshadows are very buttery, creamy and pigmented as you can see. I was so shocked at the pigmentation of ACID! as sometimes bright neon colours can be very chalky and sheer. They are also very blendable with the colour staying put.
These mono shadows are only £1.00 with 3.3g of product.

Have you noticed I love pinky neutral colours ? ;) firstly, these are little jars of heaven. The packaging is so cute and travel friendly and the product will last you such a long time. Perhaps the reason why I love pigments. The product is very light and once applied, very pigmented. They are also very rich. One thing I do find with these pure pigments, is that you need to rebuild the colour once on the eye. However this is something a primer could sort out to ensure the product stays put. I think this is partially due to the product being light. My favourite colour is easily dynamic. It's a beautiful copper/rose gold colour that will work with every eye colour.
These badboys are only £1.00 each with 1.5g of product. This doesn't seem much, but the pigment is extremely light.
Matte Palette

If theres ONE thing I haven't got in my makeup collection, it's a matte palette. And for just £4.00, makeup revolution has answered my prayers. I would say these colours are cool neutrals. They are incredibly pigmented with the lighter colours being full of saturation. Perfect for the brow bone, inner tear duct and transition colours. Some of the colours are incredibly creamy such as the darker and lighter colours, however the odd purple is rather chalky. This can be worked with though! The packaging is very sturdy and feels like an expensive product, weighing in at 14g!
Concluding Remarks
It's safe to say, I will make it my mission to own every product from makeup revolution. And with the brand pumping out new products rather quickly, I will be sure to get my hands on them! And at very cheap prices, it would be rude and inexpensive too! ;) That's another thing I love with makeup revolution, they bring out new products! With regards to customer service, their Facebook page offers every person help with an enquiry.
Makeup revolutions products have quality you couldn't even dream of. I was a  bit sceptical about placing my first order as naturally we associate a cheaper price with a lower quality of product. MR questions this completely. I would say they are high competitors with bigger, more expensive brands. I think when people want to buy expensive makeup, they feel like the expensive brand is a safety net for quality.
Makeup revolution will change your makeup collection forever - JOIN THE REVOLUTION TODAY!
What's your favourite products from makeup revolution?

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