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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How to get Kylie Jenners Blue Hair: Fudge Urban Hair Art

Fudge URBAN Hair Art Turquoise Noise 125ml
Hey everyone, so i'm sure you have already been there done that and dyed your hair blue, or at least been tempted to buy blue hair dye. More recently Kylie Jenner has sported a light blue hair colour at a bellami launch party. It made me think back to when she had the electric blue hair, around the time of kim's wedding, and the media went crazy. After doing a spot of shopping, i came across this fudge urban hair art colour pictured right, in the shade of turquoise noise.  It was a very close shade to the one that kylie used to have and i thought why not give this a go and have a play around. 

I got home, sprayed my hair and thought... Im going to do a kylie jenner inspired makeup and hair look. I uploaded the video and my subsribers really enjoyed it. So in this blogpost today i want to share with you how to get kylies look for less. I will also post the link below to my youtube video. I also use Drugstore makeup to create her makeup look. 

Before and After

Its safe to say i am obsessed with this hair style and shade. Obviously it will work perfect if you have light hair. My hair is ombre with alot of blonde, so the colour will be super saturated for me. If you have darker hair, im sure it will work but wont be intense. With the spray being under £5, its worth a shot. Click the link below to see my YouTube Tutorial. 

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