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INERTIA, defined as the tendency to remain unchanged. BEAUTY, undefined.

Hi Guys, I am Shannon and this is my blog! 

Previously 'the beauty and the blondie', I have now renamed my blog and youtube channel to the Inertia of Beauty. This name has a much deeper meaning to me, as people's perception of beauty can changed based on the judgments of others. As a result, we explicitly change who we are, how we do things and in particular, how we express ourselves through makeup. Inertia is the tendency to remain unchanged despite the criticism, and beauty cannot be defined. 

In 2013, I uploaded my very first YouTube video, and the rest is history! I am a beauty, fashion and travel fanatic and I love to share my thoughts with my viewers! I have accomplished some wonderful mile stones on my journey, and I am very thankful for the past years in the beauty industry! 

Outside of my beauty world, I am currently a Psychology teacher and a travel bunny! In 2018, I introduced the 'travel' section to my blog, to share my journeys! 

I hope you enjoy exploring my blog! 

Love shannon xo 


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*If i am gifted a product/service for potential review i will give my honest truthful opinion. If i am not certain i like the product i do not advertise. I always give my 100% honest opinion when reviewing products. I want my subscribers to know they can trust me. Although still bearing in mind, one product may work well for me and not for others.

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