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Sunday, 2 August 2015

SexyBox Collaboration + DISCOUNT CODE! *

Hey Everyone!
So we see a lot of monthly beauty boxes and fashion boxes but never lingerie, which can also be as interesting and appealing. I was recently contacted by a company called Sexybox. They are a subscription & Pay as you go Company that provide you with gorgeous pieces of lingerie every month. As the box clearly states, surprise yourself every month.
To get an idea of the types of pieces you may receive, click here for the previous outfits
To visit the website click here
So how does it work?
1) Their experts pick the surprise pieces for each month and you need to tell them your size. The sizing ranges from XS - XXXL & Plus sizes.
2) Set up either a subscription / Pay as your go service.
3) Thousands of other customers are all excited to receive their goodies on the 6th of every month.
4) Exchanges and/or Returns are FREE!
So I received the products through the post from the USA. I was a little bit worried about the whole customs scenario as I live in the UK but this package was here within 3 days. It was super fast and flew through customs! As you can imagine, I was very excited to open up the package because its a total surprise which is a great niche in the market.
Wrapped up inside were two small packages folded up in red tissue paper. This was July's month edition and its safe to say my interest is completely sparked. I received a purple baby doll dress and a G string, and a black lace playsuit.
The black playsuit was just utterly beautiful. Complete with frills around the chest and leg area, with a slit in the middle of the torso with lace. This is a great piece for those who aren't too comfortable with the 'extra sexy' lingerie. It feels like a normal playsuit, but has that extra sexiness. It fits perfect and feels like a dream.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see something colourful in the subscription box. I usually don't wear purple but this is most certainly an exception. Its almost like a bubblegum pink/purple colour. This is probably the most beautiful out of the pieces. Covered in lace and silk bows its the perfect night time companion. It has two cross over silk straps that can be worn at the back, or the front like i have done. 

So you're interested? Well great because I have discount codes! You can either pay monthly, quarterly or pay as you go. For more information on subscriptions click here
For the MONTHLY discount you can get $15 Discount with the code: 'SexyShannon40'
For the Quarterly discount you can get $20 Discount for the 3 month paid package with the code: 'Sexy3Box'
I'm so glad I can share these wonderful discount codes with you. I think this company is wonderful. I love the fact you can receive a surprise package each month containing two high quality, gorgeous pieces of lingerie to keep. If you want to see real customers wearing real products from SexyBox... Check out the social media platforms down below:

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