Friday, 7 April 2017


Hey everyone...

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So the past 3 weeks i have been doing a completely different skincare routine. The needs of my skin have changed as does everyone else. the skincare routine i was doing at 18 is no longer required as my skin now needs hydration and rebalancing, whereas at 18 i was looking to treat my acne. I wanted to switch up my routine as my skin was a loose canon and couldn't be controlled. So i thought, what if its like this because of harsh chemicals? I researched the ingredients and i was totally shocked at the list of chemicals used in my skincare. now SOME of these ingredients are not harmful however i am not comfortable with applying them to my face overnight when my skin has time to breathe.

From there on, I have been using all skin care products from LUSH cosmetics because they are the only company i know of that create products with natural ingredients. I wanted to try the more natural approach to test whether natural based products can affect my skin and the results can be seen down below. Take into consideration that i eat relatively healthy on the norm, drink about half as much water as i probably should be, and i am on cerazette contraception. These factors may influence your current skin situation! 

Right side: 3 weeks ago, Middle: 10 days ago, Left: Today (I had the flash on, it's not highlight don't worry!)
As you can see i still have acne scarring but the overall look to my skin is MUCH healthier and it feels amazing!

Now if you have a routine that works amazing for you please continue to do it, this is just the best one for me BUT i do encourage you guys to be careful about what you are letting your skin marinate in overnight!! Hope this video was helpful in some way! Below i have listed some of the most popular skincare ingredients and their effects on your skin! I'm not trying to make everyone go au natural but these are the ones that alarmed me. Again, do not let this alarm you but i personally am not comfortable with using these ingredients on my skin ~ xo

popular product ingredients and their effects on skin
Info taken from this blog - check here for more info! will also help you to check out your ingredients!

  • DimethiconeIt traps everything under it—including bacteria, sebum, and impurities—which could lead to increased breakouts and blackheads. The coating action actually prevents the skin from performing its normal activities—like sweating, temperature regulating, sloughing off dead skin cells, etc. Prolonged exposure to dimethicone can actually increase skin irritation, due to the coating property and because dimethicone is listed as a possible skin and eye irritant
  • Perfume ~ Most definitely will dry your skin out. There are some Products that claim to treat dry skin yet contain this ingredient?
  • phthalatesphthalates – which are used in cosmetics and also in many plastic objects – have been found to act as a hormone disruptor linked to reproductive defects, insulin resistance and developmental problems in children. They are usually found under the fragrance ingredient.
  • Mineral oil ~ Mineral oil forms a film on the skins surface that cannot be absorbed, therefore blocking your pores and trapping bacteria. It may also prevents any natural goodness getting to your pores!
  • polyaminopropyl biguanide ~ found in my Loreal skin perfection 15 second miracle cleansing oil. This ingredient is banned in personal care products but the substance is still being used! Im going nowhere near it! It's banned for a reason and im not finding out why!