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Friday, 2 October 2015

Halloween Makeup Tutorial part 2/2 : Chelsea Grin


Hey ya'll here Is the final episode of my Halloween looks! I want to create more but I literally have no time on my hands now I am back at university - waaaaah :( ... but I wanted to create something fun and gorey! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it! Of course below will be some money savers for Halloween! Ones I have used in both videos. I haven't mentioned any products because they were very generalizable!

Products that will save you the money

Instead of me writing some stuff about what I used, which I mentioned in the video, im going to note down what will save you money!
♥  Save money on face paint - I used two lipsticks from makeup revolution, a red and a pink. This cost £2 for both of these beauties, which is roughly the same as 1 pot of good paint! These are super saturated and gorgeous colours! +++++ you don't need to buy 2 colours... mix colours together to create your own shade.
♥  Save money on buying fake blood - Fake blood is sooo expensive these days! If you buy the cheaper ones they tend to look tacky and unrealistic. This recipe below will give you the perfect blood for any look!
For the blood: mix together 1 teaspoon of washable red paint (for the colour), 1 teaspoon of honey (for the texture) and add  half a teaspoon of cocoa powder ( to add a dark blood colour but to also thicken the mix up).  
♥  Save money on sponges - I used a washing up sponge. It has a soft side to apply the lipstick and a rougher side to stipple on glitter and other colours. cut them into pieces for different uses! You can also cut them into different shapes if you have the patience.

Click here to watch This video!  

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